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Personal, Social, Health Education


In our school we value all of God’s children as unique individuals. Our Christian values underpin all that we do and we encourage children to put these into practice for themselves, their communities and the wider world. We encourage children to be confident in voicing their opinions, looking after the environment and respecting others on a local, national and global level. PSHE is a dedicated, weekly part of every child’s learning at Weston Favell Primary School. We understand the importance of a rich and structured PSHE curriculum that supports children’s understanding of themselves and others. Vitally, we ensure that the children in our school are well-equipped to deal with mental health issues, bullying, child on child abuse and are supported on their journey to building a healthy lifestyle with healthy relationships. As a church school we advocate for our children to celebrate differences and show respect for different religions, faiths and beliefs. Underpinning all learning and woven throughout will be the British values of:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance


High standards of PSHE and RSE teaching are realised through a structured programme which is consistent across school from pre-school to Year 6. We follow a progressive scheme of work which offers children relevant and age-appropriate learning experiences to help them to navigate the world and to develop positive relationships with themselves and others. It is designed to support pupils' emotional development, physical health, and well-being, while promoting positive relationships, inclusive values, and a deeper understanding of the wider world.

PSHE is embedded throughout our school culture, ethos, and policies, creating a positive and inclusive environment. We have a dedicated PSHE lead who provides leadership, coordination, and training opportunities for staff members to deliver high-quality PSHE lessons. Regular staff training is held to ensure that staff members are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver effective PSHE education. Children are given opportunities to retrieve previously taught knowledge and build on their learning from the previous year as the themes are consistent throughout the school.

Safeguarding and promoting the well-being of our pupils are at the heart of our PSHE curriculum. We have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure all aspects of PSHE, such as Relationships and Sex Education, are taught in a safe, sensitive, and age-appropriate manner. We recognize the importance of involving parents and carers in their child's RSE education, therefore we hold information evenings for each year group.


We aim for our children and families to feel part of an inclusive community where their voices are valued. We advocate for our children to understand their rights and responsibilities and we nurture and support them to understand and value how they fit into and contribute to the wider world. As our children go through school, they continue to recognise their worth and can make responsible choices. By the time our children are ready to transition to secondary school they are resilient, respectful and confident global citizens.


Year Group

What have you been learning about in your PSHE lessons?

Have you learnt something new that you didn’t know before?

What helps you to learn?

Why is PSHE important?

Year 1

E- Feeling proud of ourselves like when I was riding on my bike with two wheels and we learned about the adults that keep us safe

E- That we belong. I belong to brownies, ballet club and rainbows. At school I belong in cherry class.

Singing a song ‘I am special’

About feeling proud

When I come to school my teacher helps me

My friends and things in the classroom

To feel calm

So we can be calm and learn about things to make us feel part of our community  

Year 2

B- We learned about our early warning signs in our tummy it’s a feeling so when I feel the butterflies I put my hands in my mouth

J- we have been learning about our safe places, mine was an imaginary place in the sky because if you feel sad or out of your comfort zone you can think about that place

I learned about the early warning signs

Some of the parts of our brain

I have lots of friends to help me

Using resources and sharing ideas

Its good for our brains and we learn about our body parts

To relax and feel calm and feel part of our class

Year 3

A- We have been learning about early warning signs when you don’t feel safe your body activates a message and you might get butterflies or a headache, it is important to listen to your early warning signs. Another thing is using our brains to take our brain to take us to a quiet place imagining what you can hear, feel and see.

M- You might get sweaty or goosebumps if you were going to a new club. We drew a picture of a person with early warning signs and thought about our safe place, mine was my bedroom.

That early warning signs are important and we should tell one of our five trusted adults

Or someone you can trust

We learn how to focus and not be distracted

We learn how to feel calm by breathing

It is good because we must learn to share with others, learn about our health and our thoughts to look after ourselves

We get to learn about ourselves and bodies to be calm

Year 4

L- We have been learning about people in different countries and how they feel, like people with no water and how we can help. It made me feel sad because there was a question and it said ‘if you were helping someone who would you help?’ but I would want to help both of them to build and find water.

I- We learned about online safety. We also learned about this girl playing a game online who was bullied  and others made her feel useless. We should play games with people who we know and not strangers to keep us safe, I play brostars but I play it offline so I don’t talk to other people.

That some people have to get big buckets full of dirty water and walk for miles everyday

I learned that if you have somebody bullying you do not keep it as a secret always tell your parents

Seeing pictures on the whiteboard

Talking to my friends about my ideas 

You need to learn about different people and know what they feel so we can share their feelings so you can have empathy

So we learn how to treat people with respect and not bully others

Year 5

E- we have been learning about our rights and responsibilities

We have learned about international rights for children like all children have the right for education and a safe place. Responsibility is when it is down to you to care of someone or something

A- Learning about the rights of a child and how all children have the right to education, food and warmth and the right to feel safe.

I learned that all children should have a right to an education but it surprised me

It made me feel grateful for being a fortunate person but some people take advantage of what they have and others have nothing

I think hearing about different scenarios because it gives a sense of how things happen and looking at pictures to see what things look like

Looking at pictures, videos and acting things out with my friends. Also the cards in the back of the classroom that help you to regulate

Because it is a calm lesson, you might be buzzing after lunch then PSHE makes you close your eyes and go to a safe space

Because if you don’t we might not know what else is happening around the world

Year 6

Z- We had to write if you had a million pounds what would you buy, then we rubbed out the things we don’t need we just want.

On the pyramid we highlighted the things we already have like food, water and sleep

F- We learned about how children in Ghana make chocolate and a pyramid of children’s rights

That the children in Ghana instead of going to school they go to work

I learned that children are in poverty struggle all over the world and some children cannot afford education like a scholarship

Discussion with friends

Looking at pictures and reading texts to get more information

So that you can learn about real things that happen in the world like politics and make us make the right choices as things online can be unsafe. My mum is strict with the games I play.

We learn about our bodies changing and if we are informed we feel more normal. Online they could be a adult and want to meet up.